Ongoing video series in collaboration with Kajet Journal centering on Romanian artists and cultural figures.

Ep.1 - Constructing Nostalgia with Vlad Nancă

“Every generation constructs a nostalgia for two or three generations behind.” Born and currently based in Bucharest, Vlad Nancă has been working with different media for the past two decades, being one of the most representative contemporary artists of the Romanian scene.

Ep.2 - Composing the future with Iancu Dumitrescu.

“What’s more important? The sound or the phenomenon?” rhetorically inquiries Dumitrescu. As a largely experiential method, his approach to sound is based on exchanges between tension and relaxation, sonic microstructures and monumental variations, peaceful stillness and explosive climaxes, constant building up to pinnacles, followed by release and alleviation. Through phenomenology, Dumitrescu is exploring the essence of things (what it is) by engaging with the phenomenon (what it shows): the process through which sound turns into music, with the very essence of music being the truth of perception, rather than beauty or aesthetically pleasing outcomes. As he himself says in the interview, “The natural is not always aesthetically pleasing.”